Peralex is innovative, resourceful and progressive. Due to our team's unfailing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we're a global market supplier to integrators of high-end embedded computer systems. We also pride ourselves on offering a work environment that nurtures talent and is very stimulating.


If you are a traditional university graduate (or will soon be a university graduate) and you are interested in working at Peralex Electronics, you should:

  • Have completed or be in your fourth academic year of a BSc(Eng) degree (or equivalent BEng / BIng degree) in Electrical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering. We may also consider those who have completed the Mechatronics programme. Those with additional postgraduate qualifications are also welcome.
  • Have a good academic record. You should have achieved (or be in line to achieve) at least a second class pass (a pass with honours for UCT graduates) - an average of greater than 65%, particularly in your 3rd and 4th years. Academic performance is important, and preference will be given to applicants with good academic records.
  • Preference will be given to those who are either citizens or permanent residents of South Africa, but good candidates from elsewhere are encouraged to apply.
  • Proficiency in C and C++ programming is an advantage.


  • If you are interested in applying for a position, please apply directly to us rather than going through an employment agency.
  • Please include all the above information as it will speed up the application process.
  • Peralex is located in Bergvliet, Cape Town. Should you be offered a position with the company, you will be working here.
  • Directions to Peralex can be found on our contact page - these will be required should you be invited for an interview.
  • Documents (CVs and Academic records) must be submitted in HTML, MS Office doc, OpenOffice odt, or PDF format.
  • Email applications are preferred. We may contact you later by phone.
  • By applying to Peralex, you agree to us processing the personal details you send to us, including your CV and academic record.
  • Should you wish to encrypt personal documents, please use the PGP key on this page.


If you have (or will soon have) a BSc(Eng) degree as described in opposite, please send us your application.

Include all of the details listed below:

  1. Your full name, phone number, and an email address that will be valid at least another month, and preferably one that you check regularly. We will communicate with you primarily by email. 
  2. Your CV.
  3. A complete academic record, including your final matric results (or equivalent school leaving results) with symbols obtained, and a complete university academic record including results obtained. Include all university results, even if you have changed courses. Include results for all failed courses too. Many South African universities supply results in electronic format. If your university does so, please send these results.
  4. Details of your citizenship. Of which country/countries are you a citizen? Are you a permanent resident of South Africa?
  5. Bursary details. Do you have a bursary for which you still have work commitments?
  6. Where did you find out about Peralex? (advertisement, internet search, friend, university, etc.).
  7. A paragraph to tell us what sort of work you are interested in.


  • List your first name(s) and surname separately so that it is clear to us which is which.
  • Don't tell us about any achievements prior to matric that are not relevant to the job you're interested in doing.