NGR9009 Software Defined Radio

NGR9009 Software Defined Radio

The NGR9009 is a high-performance multi-channel software defined radio (SDR) platform that is ideal for radio applications demanding performance and reliability in a low SWaP form factor. It features six coherent receive and/or transmit channels, each with a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz. The data is interfaced via 40 GbE fibre, providing ample throughput for the most demanding SDR applications.

The analog RF circuitry of the NGR9009 receiver is designed as a customizable module called the Analog Front End (AFE). The standard wideband AFE provides exceptional sensitivity across the 20 MHz - 6 GHz frequency range. Band-specific and bespoke AFE options are available on request.

The NGR9009 SDR is available in both indoor (1U 19" rack-mount) and outdoor (IP-rated, pole mount) enclosures.

Key Features:

  • 20 MHz - 6 GHz frequency range
  • Maximum instantaneous bandwidth of 200 MHz
  • 6 channels of transmit and/or receive
  • IP-rated pole-mount and indoor rack-mount enclosure options
  • High performance RF specifications
  • Standard API for software integration
  • Integrated GPS with GPSDO
  • Support for multi-unit synchronization to create a 12-channel coherent transceiver