Peralex is innovative, resourceful and progressive. Due to our team's unfailing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we're a global market supplier to integrators of high-end embedded computer systems. We also pride ourselves on offering a work environment that nurtures talent and is very stimulating.


Peralex offers a limited number of positions to University of Technology students studying for a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering who require experiential training. These positions are only made available to the top academic achievers.

engineer working


Email your application to us including the following details:

  1. Your full name, phone number, and an email address that will be valid at least until the end of the academic year and one that you check regularly.  South African permanent residents and citizens should include their ID numbers.
  2. Details of your nationality. In particular, if you are a permanent resident or citizen of South Africa?
  3. Whether you have a bursary that includes work commitments during or after the completion of your degree. (Yes or No)
  4. A short CV (no more than 2 pages), including your employment history, academic background (where, when, and what you studied), your employment goals (what sort of work you would like to do on completion of your studies).
  5. A complete set of academic results. Include a copy of your matric results (or equivalent), including symbols obtained, and marks obtained for all completed courses, including courses failed.
  6. Where did you find out about Peralex Electronics?
  7. A paragraph to tell us what sort of work you are interested in.