Over the years, Peralex has developed hardware and software that has been used in:

  • one of the world's first Motorola DSP-based plug in PC cards back in 1988
  • DSP implementation of a radio receiver in 1988.
  • pioneering the use of electroluminescent displays connected directly to the DSP to display the radio spectrum in 1990
  • underwater telephony simulation
  • one of the world's first wideband HF radio receivers
  • DSP-based multi-beam side scan sonars
  • leading sub-bottom profiling sonars for the UK-based company, GeoAcoustics

Other proud achievements include:

  • being one of the first to produce wideband Direction Finding (DF) radio receivers. (These are developed for a customer who integrates them into systems which are exported around the world)
  • assisting De Beers Marine (part of the global diamond giant) with its Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
  • engineered the AUV's ability to store high volumes of side scan sonar data underwater and facilitated the data retrieval efficiently on the surface
  • co-developed the De Beers sub-bottom profiler sonar and data storage
  • collaborating with the world's leading side-scan sonar company, Klein Associates Inc., based in the United States of America
  • significantly increased export volumes for our client due to the demand for the innovative wideband Direction Finding radios we developed for them

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